November 16, 2011



Today I am thankful for the small things in life….

I am thankful for a daughter that laughs hysterically

I am thankful that she grabs my hand when she needs help down the stairs

I am thankful that after 8 years of marriage my husband still wants a good night kiss

I am thankful for my friends that could just say one word and we would know exactly what the other was talking about

I am thankful for Skype so we can keep in touch with our Swedish family

I am thankful for Coke in a can

I am thankful for hiking in the mountains and living so close to our beautiful Appalachian Mountains and then for Woodlands BBQ being so close to those mountains so we can fill our bellies after a great day!

I am thankful that I can sing as loud as I want in my car and no one can hear me {everyone is probably thankful for that too!}

I am thankful for honeycrisp apples..delish!

I am thankful for the dimples on this little face! Look at that crazy monkey! I just love her.